Can Road Paving Be Done In The Rain?

No matter what you’re planning to resurface, the weather will always be a key consideration. As you’d expect, the conditions in which you lay asphalt or tarmac can have a notable impact on the finished product. But can these materials be laid out in the rain at all? Will they even set correctly? We’re answering these questions in detail in this guide.

Road paving in the rain: Can it be done?

Laying asphalt or tarmac in the rain is possible, but not ideal. Essentially, if the rain is only light, you can proceed with the job as planned. A fine sprinkling of precipitation here and there isn’t likely to affect the end result, although it might make the job a little more tricky.

If the rain picks up, however, or lasts longer than a few minutes, you’ll have no choice but to bring the work to a halt. If too much water builds up on the surface, the new surface simply won’t be able to bond. 

This is particularly applicable to cold-mix asphalt. Because the mixture already contains some water, adding any more will cause immediate issues.

In conclusion

So, is it a good idea to lay tarmac or asphalt when it’s raining? Unless you absolutely have to, no. Rainy conditions should be avoided where possible, as they can cause complications and, ultimately, set the project back.

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