Car Parking Surface Materials: What Should You Go For?

car park surfacing and line marking

Adding a car park to your business premises is a big investment, and you’ll doubtless want it to last for many years to come. Choosing the right surface material, then, will be pivotal. As expert car park surfacing contractors, we know both of the surfaces explored below have their own sets of pros and cons, and a surface which is ideal for some may be inappropriate for others.

If you still can’t decide on a surface after reading this blog, why not get in touch with us? Based in Peterborough, Lincoln and Romford, we have over 40 years’ experience resurfacing and constructing car parks.


Which Material Is Best For Playgrounds?

playground surfacing for school

If you manage a school, college or university premises, one of the many considerations will include ensuring you have a sufficiently designed playground. Aside from providing a safe space for children and young people to play and catch-up with their friends, you’ll also want it to be durable to cut down on maintenance costs. But how do you know which surfacing material is best? Our playground surfacing experts have the answers.

Discover the best materials for playgrounds below, including the pros for each, to help you decide which is the right option for your educational establishment.


Asphalt driveways: What are the benefits?

road surfacing

Choosing the right material for your new driveway is a pretty important decision. Not only will it impact significantly on the appearance of your property, it will affect its value too.

Of the surfaces available, asphalt is one of the most popular, and for good reason. It’s extremely durable, having been designed to withstand forces placed on it by even the heaviest of vehicles.


How To Choose The Right Commercial Surfacing Contractor?

image of Tarmac Surfacing Contractors and Road Surfacing

In need of a surfacing contractor for your commercial premises, but no idea how to choose the right contractor for the job?

Hiring the right contractor for your surfacing can save you time, money and hassle. We’re pinpointing some key things to look out for when researching your options for surfacing contractors to ensure your choice is reputable, qualified and goes the extra mile with their customer service.


The Benefits of Resin Bound Surfaces You Should Know About

resin bound surfaces

When it comes to choosing a surface for your driveway, you want to get it right. It’s not just about having the right aesthetic and structural strength, it’s also about potentially bumping up the overall value of your property.

Formulated with a mixture of clear resin and natural aggregate stone this material creates a smooth, compacted gravel finish that should look flat and seamless once completed.
From companies to private homes, resin bound surfaces are the driveway of choice for many properties across the UK and are increasingly favoured by landscapers and architects. Why?

In this article, we’re exploring some of the top benefits of resin bound surfacing that could be the key to explaining its growing popularity.


Why Are Groundworks Important In Construction?

road surfacing

Whether you’re constructing a car park or a building, it’s important for the ground beneath to be sufficiently prepared. Often, groundworks and foundations need to be able to support the weight of heavy traffic or building materials.

Groundworks refers to work done to prepare sub-surfaces for the start of a construction project. There are many layers to construction work and groundworks are often the first stage in the process.

Whether you’re laying the foundations for a car park, yard, driveway or school playground, all of these will involve groundworks. Preparing a high-quality sub-surface is important, and we’re going to explain the process in this blog.


Top 3 Driveway Resurfacing Materials


Block Paved Driveway

When it comes to driveway resurfacing, you’ll need to consider what type of material it best for your requirements. Will it need to be durable enough to hold heavy vehicles? Do you have a longer driveway which requires a certain aesthetic? Or perhaps there is a very specific colour that you’re looking for.

Whatever your reason for researching driveways, we’re providing a round-up of the top 3 different driveway resurfacing options available to help you make the right choice. We’ll also weigh in on which is the best.