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Over the course of A&MT Contractor’s history, the list of clients and scope of our work has continued to grow. As is the nature of our work, often each individual job, large or small brings about its own set of challenges and our long-term experience has helped us overcome challenging circumstances.

Listed Buildings

Working within close proximity of listed buildings demands that we work extremely carefully to ensure that there is no damage to any buildings by use of commercial machinery. We also offer advice and recommendations for the type of surfaces best suited to environments.

  • Peterborough Cathedral
  • Burghley House
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Apethorpe Hall
Commercial Resin Bound Surfacing Peterborough
Resin Bound Surfacing Peterborough Cathedral


Councils have their own set of requirements for work. Work is often carried out on public ground which has its own set of requirements particularly within the field of health and safety.

School and Playground Surfacing
School and Playground Surfacing


We frequently carry out work on a sub-contractor basis. We know that firms want a stream-lined and hassle-free service. A&MT Contractors can offer their expert advice and firms can rely on us to get the job done.

  • New World Builders
  • Gemini Builders
  • Carillion
  • County Builders
  • John Lucas
  • Floorspan
  • Bernard Sports Surfaces
Car Park Surfacing
Car Park Surfacing


We have carried out work for all the major supermarkets often through sub-contracting. A busy environment with cars and members of the public can be a hazardous environment when working on the grounds. We understand the pressures of supermarkets and the expectations of their customers not to be inconvenienced.

  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Coop
  • Waitrose
  • Makro
Car Park Surfacing
Yard and Car Park Surfacing at Shurgard Storage

Car Park Surfacing Projects

When it comes to car park surfacing, we know what you need. From designing the bays for maximum capacity to ensuring the line markings are hard-wearing and highly visible, we are experts in helping businesses create better car parks for their customers, clients and staff.

At A&MT Contractors, we have completed a large number of car park surfacing projects for a range of commercial clients, such as:

By working with these clients, we have been able to improve their car park facilities for all of their customers. Take a look at our Car Park Surfacing services today to see how we can transform and repair your exterior space.

Asphalt Surfacing Contractors at Work
Yard Surfacing at Travis Perkins

Yard Surfacing Projects

Having a quality yard is important for many large businesses, and that’s why A&MT works with a range of companies to improve their yards for storage and ease of access. Some of our clients include:

We improved their yards and made it easier for their customers and staff to safely navigate the grounds and find what they needed with ease. Does your yard need some attention? Take a look at how we can help with your yard surfacing projects.

Playground Surfacing at Pilgrim School
Asphalt School Playground Surfacing Jumping Games

School Playground Surfacing Projects

School playgrounds need to be safe and practical. With our line marking, we can also add unique play areas to make your playground more fun and interactive. We also provide cushioned surfaces and designated sports grounds to help your school offer a better sports curriculum. With a range of surfacing materials on offer, including anti-slip, tarmac, rubber and fine asphalt, we can help create the exact playground experience your school wants to provide.

By making sure all the parts of the play area were level and flush, the school playground looked much neater and became safer to use.

If you’re looking for a surfacing contractor to take care of your school playground surfacing needs, take a look at the comprehensive services we have to offer.

Yard Surfacing
Yard Surfacing

Ramp Construction

We’ve helped plenty of businesses and organisations create access ways that are disability and pushchair friendly. Providing specialist anti-slip surfaces, we’ll listen to your requirements and conduct a site survey to ensure the finished ramp is the perfect design for your premises.

The Safestore depots previously used entrance ramps made of checker plates. We removed these and broke-up the asphalt for a flush finish. To keep customers and staff safe while the work was being carried out, we installed barriers and temporary walkways. The client was very happy with the finished ramp. Find out more about our ramp construction services today.