Five Features Every Modern Car Park Needs

Designing a car park isn’t quite as straightforward as first meets the eye – there are plenty of things to consider and a range of must-have features to implement. So, before you start planning yours or speaking to a car park surfacing contractor, here are five important things to add to keep everyone safe.

Accessible spaces

Accessibility is a top priority in all forms of construction nowadays, car parks included. If you’re planning to build a larger car park adjacent to a shop or restaurant, for example, it’s important to allow space for blue badge holders and parents with young children to park closer. To make life easier for those with disabilities, it’s also a good idea to install gradual ramps onto each walkway.

Areas for pedestrians

This might sound obvious, but all too often pedestrians are neglected during the construction of car parks. Make sure there’s enough space for them to walk to and from their vehicle safely, away from passing traffic.

EV charging points

From 2030, there won’t be any more new petrol and diesel cars joining the roads of Britain. This means that before too long, an overwhelming number of electric vehicles will begin flooding into your car park – so why not cater for them? Installing electric vehicle charging points will future-proof your car park, helping to make your initial investment go further.

Clear directions

No matter how large or small your car park is going to be, people need to know how to get in and out easily. Applying clear road markings and using signage effectively will not only make life easier for everyone but mitigate the risk of accidents occurring due to cars going the wrong way.


Keeping both individuals and their vehicles safe is an important part of operating a car park. Installing CCTV will act as a deterrent to would-be car thieves and pickpockets, allowing visitors to use your car park with confidence.

Car park surfacing contractors

At A&MT Contractors, we’ve worked on car park surfacing projects for a variety of prominent clients, including supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. From designing a drainage system to installing kerbing, speed bumps, line and bay markings and more, we can take care of the entire car park surfacing process for you. Learn more about what we do and get a quote today.