How to Choose a Road Surfacing Company You Can Rely On

When looking for a road surfacing company, you want someone that won’t let you down but that can also offer efficiency and flexibility. We’re sharing the key considerations and questions you should ask when choosing a road surfacing company so that you can find the right fit.

Know your requirements

By knowing your unique requirements, you can zero in on the specifics. If a company can’t deliver what you need, you can enquire with another contractor. This will help you weed out unsuitable options, but also makes sure you choose the best fit for the job.

Do you need a specific type of road surface with line marking and drainage? Make sure the company you partner with ticks all the boxes before signing any contracts.

Check credentials & accreditations

A well established road surfacing contractor is preferable. They will know how to work with companies and organisations like yours to get the job done professionally and to a high standard. They will know their way around health and safety and legal requirements.

Credentials to look out for include years of service, City & Guilds or Street Works qualifications and checking client reviews. Previous clients they’ve worked with can also be a strong indicator of the quality and reliability of the work. Do they work with the local authority or high profile businesses? If yes, that’s a positive sign.

Compare prices

You want the price to be competitive and cost-effective. However, getting the cheapest price shouldn’t always be the deciding factor. You’ll want to know that the work will be completed to a high standard to avoid hiccups and improve the lifespan of the surface.

Look for flexibility

Finding a company with a ‘no job too big or too small’ approach can really help if you’re looking for a long-term surfacing contractor partner. That means they can provide a bespoke approach and cover all your needs, rather than just the big repair or resurfacing projects.

Check availability

Some companies are available round-the-clock, even on bank holidays. If you require work to be completed out of hours or within a quick time frame, it’s crucial to check that the groundwork contractor in Peterborough can deliver.

We hope this guide will help you choose from a pool of contenders. A&MT are one of the UK’s leading road surfacing contractors. Contact us to get a no-obligation quote and discuss your requirements today.