Can you lay resin bound on block paving?

Can You Lay Resin Bound on Block Paving?

Block paving was once the go-to surface for homeowners across the UK, but resin bound has been gradually catching up, with thousands deciding to upgrade to the versatile material.

However, if you’re looking to make the jump from block paving to resin bound, you’ll likely have one question on your lips. It’s a question we get asked on a regular basis here at A&MT Contractors: can resin bound be laid over block paving? We’re here to answer that question conclusively.

Is this possible?

Although it’s possible to lay resin bound on block paving, it’s certainly not a good idea! Block paving – much like flags, crazy paving and brick paving – simply isn’t a solid enough base.

Over time, these surfaces shift and settle. They’re created by combining hundreds of different bricks and paving slabs, and if just one or two of them move (as they’re prone to doing over time), it’s bad news for your new resin bound driveway.

Sufficient movement is likely to lead to cracking, which will be expensive to repair. And once you repair one crack, it’s quite possible that more cracks will surface over time.

It’s just not worth the risk – we would always recommend removing the slabs, bricks or stones and replacing them with a more suitable base layer like tarmac or concrete.

Resin bound surfacing contractors

We hope that answered your question once and for all. If you’re looking at getting a resin bound surface installed at your home or business premises, the team at A&MT is here to help.

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