Resin Bound Driveway in Thurlby

The Problem

A couple from Thurlby had a concrete drive which had huge expansion joints in their concrete driveway. They wanted their appearance improved and parking space and driveway increased.

Our solution

We recommended and applied an alloy that can be ‘bent’ and used to form a good radius edging to reshape their drive. The customer then selected ‘Morning Mist’ tone for the resin bound driveway finish.

We excavated part of the front garden to increase the width. A Geo-textile was then placed on the ground to prevent heaving of the clay sub-ground. 250-mm of type one aggregate was then used as a sub-base.

We placed 75-mm of a 20 bitmac base course over the type one ready to receive the surface course.

The expansion joints in the concrete were cleaned out and filled with a fine asphalt which was then compacted. Hot bitumen was placed in the expansion joints and covered with a Glass-Tex membrane. This allows the concrete to expand and retract with different temperatures without causing damage to the resin surface.

Two inspection covers and frames were removed and replaced with ‘infill’ covers so that they would not stand out when the driveway was covered with the resin bound aggregate.

Finally, the resin was laid giving a smooth clean surface that enhances the property.

The Result

Resin Bound Driveway in Thurlby