Resin Bound Surfacing for a Stone Built Property in Fotheringhay

The Problem

The customer contacted the office for information on what to use as a hard, clean surface around their stone built house and barns. They didn’t want asphalt because it would spoil the aesthetics of the stone work with the contrasts in colour.

Our solution

We proposed using a resin bound driveway, instead of block paving or asphalt. The customer agreed that the colour of resin was more in keeping with the appearance of their property.

Although there was a very good sub-base, the whole area was excavated to form our set levels and more aggregate was brought in to adjust the levels as required. 150 x 125mm concrete kerbs were then used as edgings. All inspection covers and frames were removed and replaced with ‘infill’ ones.

Open textured base course bitmac was then used. While some areas had a good drainage system, other areas required improvement. We used open textured asphalt where there were no drainage systems so that storm water could drain through into the type 3 aggregates.

The resin was then applied, giving an appearance in keeping with the surrounding buildings.

The Result

resin bound surfacing Fotheringhay