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Road Surfacing Contractors

We have carried out multiple road surfacing contracts from highways to private farm roads.

At A&MT, we are commercial and domestic road surfacing contractors based in Peterborough, specialising in road and car park surfacing. As a family-run business we’ve been offering a friendly, reliable service for over 40 years. Our clients include top UK businesses, tourist attractions, local residents and councils.

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Road Surfacing Contractors – What Do We Do?

From highways to private farm roads, we design, construct, and surface multiple types of road to an exceptional standard. We cover all aspects of surfacing, including resurfacing, pothole repair, car park line marking, resin or tarmac surfacing and road marking contractors.

Our specialist team can design the foundation, surface course, and drainage system to the highest quality to ensure the finished product will last for years to come.
As different types of road have varying durability requirements, we can also offer expert advice on what is best for your grounds.


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Road Surfacing
Road Surfacing

Road Maintenance Services

  • Road line markings – We have specialist paint materials to complete the essential road line markings to the highest standard.
  • Road drainage design – We are specialists in road drainage design to ensure that your roads are built to endure the Great British weather.
  • All types of road surfacing – We supply every kind of road surfacing, including tarmac and asphalt, golden gravel, and hot rolled or stone mastic asphalt.
  • Road foundations – We construct durable road foundations to ensure your road is built to last.
  • Road resurfacing – Our specialist road surfacing team can also complete repairs and resurfacing to keep your roads on top form all year round.
  • Affordable coloured aggregates – Instead of using expensive coloured asphalt, we apply coloured aggregates to create a similar finish for a fraction of the cost.
  • Reinstating potholes – We always aim to reinstate potholes within 48 hours of your call.


Clients We Work With

We provide high-quality contracts for a wide range of private companies as well as the public sector. We are committed to delivering a friendly, reliable service for all our clients, and over half of our current contracts are carried out with repeat customers. Some of our past and current clients include:

Councils: We’ve worked closely with a number of councils, including the Corporation of London, and Peterborough Council to deliver high-quality surfacing while adhering to strict health and safety standards.

Private Companies: We are trusted suppliers for a number of top companies in the UK, including McDonald’s and supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose. These projects required intelligent design to ensure convenient access for customers.

Our specialist team always keeps abreast of the latest health and safety developments to ensure our works are not only carried out safely, but with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Sub-Contractors: We also supply work on a sub-contractor basis to help firms stream-line their service. We’ve worked alongside the likes of New World Builders and Gemini Builders to help get jobs completed on schedule and to the highest standard. We are trusted for our expert advice and chosen for our consistent and reliable service.

Contact us today for friendly advice from our specialist team of road surfacing contractors, or for a free quote.

What is Tarmacadam?

Although most people refer to black road surfacing material as tarmac, tarmac as a material technically no longer exists and is in fact the trading name of a huge manufacturing company known as ‘Tarmac Trading Ltd’.

Tarmacadam, or tarmac, is a material made by combining macadam surfaces, tar, and sand. Tarmac is also used to refer to a variety of other materials, including tar-grouted macadam, bituminous surface treatments, and modern asphalt concrete.


What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt and bitmac are formulated by mixing aggregates, bitumen, lime, and sand or finely crushed stone. These are mixed together in a huge force mixer before being heated to a high temperature to ensure all the aggregates and bitumen have bonded together.

The materials are then transported to the site using specialist insulated vehicles which ensure they stay hot and retain their flexibility. The asphalt or bitmac can then be levelled and compacted by heavy rollers to ensure everything is bonded together with a clean, smooth finish.

Hot-rolled asphalt and stone mastic asphalt are specially designed for heavier traffic usage, such as industrial sites and commercial and agricultural yards.

Asphalt comes in a variety of colours, including black, green, red, and beige. Aside from the commonly used black, coloured asphalt can be very expensive. To avoid these high costs we can apply various coloured aggregates before the asphalt is compacted. The aggregates are then coated with resin to ensure it achieves a good level of adhesion with the surface.


What Is Golden Gravel?

Another type of material we offer is golden gravel, which offers an attractive golden gravel effect with a smooth finish. This type of surfacing is also favoured for providing an anti-slip surface, which is achieved by using hardened aggregates.

Our golden gravel is coated in a clear resin before being applied directly onto hot asphalt. Once compacted into the asphalt surface, the resin melts with the heat which bonds the asphalt and resin-coated aggregates together.


Locations We Serve

With depots in Peterborough, Lincoln and Romford, we not only serve London and the East Midlands, but the whole of the UK. As dedicated road surfacing contractors we can complete projects wherever you are and tailor our services to suit your needs and schedule. Our most popular areas we serve include:

  • Peterborough
  • Romford
  • Lincoln
  • Cambridge
  • London


Why Choose A&MT

  • Trusted family business since 1976
  • Emergency pothole repairs – We always aim to complete repairs within 48 hours of your call
  • Available 24/7, seven days a week, including bank holidays
  • No quibble guarantee
  • Expert road drainage designers
  • Friendly, family-run service available nationwide
  • Free no-obligation quote and advice
  • Street Works Certification (SWQR Operative and Monitoring)
  • Accredited by City & Guilds

Street Works Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between tarmac and asphalt?

Tarmac is created when a layer of crushed stone or aggregate is mixed and coated with tar. Asphalt is a more modern road material made with bitumen rather than tar. While asphalt and tarmac are similar, asphalt is considered to be the more hard-wearing of the two.

How do I know what type of road surface material I need?

If you are unsure of what type of material you need, our expert team is on hand to advise you.

Do you supply hot-rolled asphalt or stone mastic asphalt?

Yes, we do.

How do I get a quote?

To get a free no-obligation quote, simply fill out our quote form, or give us a call.

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