Five Ideas to Liven Up Your School Playground

Playground Surfacing

Not all of a child’s learning takes place in the classroom. When planned and designed correctly, the playground isn’t just a place for them to have fun, but an opportunity for them to learn more about themselves, their classmates and the world around them.

A stimulating and exciting playground will allow children to let off some steam and unwind, too, making it easier for them to absorb new information when they re-enter the classroom.

The benefits of the playground are clear, so if yours is looking a little staid and uninteresting, your pupils may be missing out on invaluable opportunities to develop and grow. Here are five ways to liven up your school playground!

  1. Get creative with surfaces
    Close your eyes and picture a play area constructed entirely using concrete. Now, picture one that features sections of coloured rubber, resin or acrylic. If you think the latter option sounds more exciting, imagine what your pupils will think when they see the vibrant new surface for the first time!
  2. Mark out play areas
    From snakes and ladders to hopscotch, there are so many games and activities you can mark out on your playground. And if you have a limited amount of space available, why not switch to new games every month or so?
  3. Install new equipment
    If your budget allows, installing new equipment like a climbing frame, obstacle course or shelter is always a good idea. Your pupils won’t just have fun with this equipment, they’ll develop their agility and problem-solving skills – and a shelter with seating could provide the ideal location for them to rest and reflect.
  4. It’s not all about sports
    Remember that not every child is into sports, so dedicating 90% of your play area to football or basketball isn’t ideal – it will likely leave some children feeling like a spare part. Those same children may be into art, though, so consider installing a wall for them to draw on and get creative.
  5. Don’t forget nature
    Connecting with nature is both relaxing and fulfilling, so if you can introduce more wildlife into your playground, go for it! Planting trees and adding a wildlife area could prove immensely rewarding for both your pupils and staff.

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