How To Improve Your School Playground


Playground Surfacing

School playgrounds should be fun, engaging places where children can let loose, get some exercise and refresh their minds, preparing them for the classroom sessions that lie ahead. Naturally, as time passes and the weather does its worst, playgrounds wear out and begin to look a little tired.

So, how can you improve your playground and make it last longer too? Resurfacing is a great place to start; here are three benefits that it could bring.


What could be more important in a school than safety? Not only do you have to educate your pupils, you have to do all you can to ensure that they leave school without cuts and bruises! While accidents will always happen, choosing the right surface for your playground could drastically reduce the likelihood of injury.

Particularly risky areas like obstacle courses and climbing frames could benefit from the installation of an impact-absorbing rubber surface, while sports and games areas may be better with a non-slip or fine asphalt material.


You can’t really apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to playground surfacing; different areas of a playground require different surfaces depending on their use, and laying down a selection of materials is a great way to boost the versatility of your playground. Choose the right surfaces and your pupils will have more freedom to enjoy themselves without fear of getting hurt.


Resurfacing a playground is an investment, and there’d be little point if it only lasted a few years. Here at A&MT Contractors, we lay each surface the right way – no corners are cut. You can expect a high-quality end result that your pupils will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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