How to Maintain Car Park Surfacing

It’s easy to overlook car parks, but in reality they play a very important role in establishing first impressions – not to mention helping to keep pedestrians and motorists safe. Even if a car park has been carefully thought out and intelligently designed, if it’s not maintained adequately enough, it can cause health and safety issues and drag down the overall appearance of your business.

To help you keep on top of things and maintain the appearance of your car park, here are a few top tips from our contractors.

Know your surface

First of all, it’s important to know the surface of your car park and what it demands in terms of maintenance. Some surfaces – like loose gravel – require more regular attention than the likes of resin bound surfaces or tarmac, and some can be easier to clean and maintain than others.

Make sure you research the best course of action for your surface type – or, if you’re unsure, speak to our experts. How you approach car park maintenance will also depend on the size of your car park. If it’s relatively small, you might want to pressure wash it and sweep it by hand, but larger areas may require more advanced equipment to get the job done effectively.

Keep an eye on drainage

If your car park’s surface isn’t porous, drainage issues can frequently occur if your drainage system is either inadequate or poorly maintained. If standing water is left for extended periods, it can eventually cause damage to the surface. Make sure you address drainage issues before they do lasting damage by checking for blockages or consulting with specialists.

Don’t delay repairs

Noticed cracks forming or a pothole beginning to develop? It’s not worth the risk of delaying a repair, as someone could injure themselves on the surface or damage could be caused to a visitor’s vehicle. We offer rapid response pothole repair at A&MT Contractors – and for a reasonable price, too.

Car park surfacing contractors

Considering getting your car park resurfaced altogether? Speak to our car park surfacing contractors today. We’re able to deliver a comprehensive construction service nationwide, providing line markings, kerbing, drainage and more!