Is Resin Bound Surfacing DIY-Friendly?

If you’re an avid DIY enthusiast and prefer tackling jobs on your home yourself, you might be tempted to give resin bound surfacing a go. But should you – or are you better off calling in the assistance of a professional? Let’s take a look.

Consider your skill level

You might think, as a specialist resin bound contractor, we’d give a biased answer to this question. But with the rising cost of living, we completely understand why you’d want to have a crack at resurfacing your drive or patio yourself – who doesn’t like to save a bit of money, after all?

But before you even consider having a go, think about your own skill level and previous experience. Have you completed any resurfacing projects before? The process of laying a resin bound surface is unique and has to be followed correctly. If you’re not totally confident in your abilities, it’s best to consult a professional resin bound surfacing company In Peterborough.

Tricky process

Although resin bound has plenty of benefits, it’s not the easiest surface to install – and leaves little room for error. First, you have to prepare the base and ensure it’s totally clean and ready to go. Resin bound mixtures begin to set very quickly, so you have to act fast during the installation process.

You’ll need powerful enough equipment to mix the materials together, which might mean hiring or purchasing new tools – adding to the cost of the project.

The risks

If you don’t work quickly enough, don’t mix the aggregates correctly or don’t prepare the base layer well enough, you could undo all your hard work in minutes. Mistakes during the process can prevent the mixture from curing properly, or could cause cracks to form prematurely.

Even the weather can play havoc with your project; if it rains during the process, you may have to start from scratch!

Professional contractors are prepared for every eventuality and have the know-how to deliver stunning results, no matter how challenging your project may be. Unless you’re totally confident and have the right tools at your disposal, we’d advise leaving it to our resin bound experts.

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