How to maintain a drainage system: What’s required?

Every home and business owner takes their drainage system for granted. Thankfully, your system often runs smoothly and it’s likely that you pay little to no attention to the pipes inside or outside of your home or premises.

You soon know if there is a problem with your drainage system, however. Foul smells, overflowing drains, and leaking or burst pipes readily make themselves known, often leaving behind more than just a disgusting stench. Ruined flooring, spoiled outdoor areas, and hefty bills are just some of the nightmare leftovers of drainage system issues.

How to maintain a drainage system?

The truth is, most property owners don’t know how to maintain a drainage system, and wait instead until an issue arises to address their faulty drainage system. But it doesn’t have to be this way; maintaining your drains is easy and when it comes to your drainage system, prevention is far better than a cure. Let us talk you through how to maintain your drainage system in this article.

Watch what you put down the drains

Knowing what can cause damage to your drainage system is key. Here are just some of the common causes of drainage issues that we see at A&MT Contractors:

  • Fat being put down the kitchen sink
  • Sanitary items being flushed down the toilet
  • Heavy chemicals being used for cleaning

If you’re surprised to hear that cleaning products can cause your drainage system issues, let us explain; harsh chemicals can be corrosive to your pipes, causing damage. These damaged pipes can result in leaking or burst pipes – not what you want in your home or business premises. Research drain cleaners properly to find one that is both effective and is safe for your pipes.

Use drain guards

Drain guards prevent larger food items, hair and debris from entering and clogging up your drainage system.

Use warm soapy water

Flushing the pipes with warm soapy water frequently can help move along blockages and keep your drainage system clear.

Time to pay attention to your drainage system?

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