How to Design a Car Park – Top 10 Considerations

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If your premises regularly receives customers, clients or visitors then it makes good business sense to have a car park. But where do you start? We’re sharing the top factors to consider when designing a car park.

  • How many spaces?

If you need to accommodate an influx of customers during busy periods, you’ll want to make sure that your car park has enough spaces.

This will depend on the surface area you have available. But there are ways to
maximise the number of spaces without compromising on safety.

Standard car spaces need to be 2.4 meters by 4.8 meters.

  • What type of vehicles?

The types of vehicle that typically use your car park will also be a consideration. Spaces for coaches or lorries will need to be a lot larger, longer and located in easy to reach areas.

The substructure of your surface will also need to be strong and durable enough to endure frequent road traffic. Thicker foundations may be required for heavier vehicles.

  • Clear entrance and exit

Every good car park needs a clear entrance and exit. A car park contractor can help you design these effectively.

  • Painting

From painting the bay outlines to adding clear road signals for drivers and pedestrians, choosing the right paint will ensure everyone who uses your car park will stay safe and easily find their way around.

Making sure the paint is of a quality standard will also help you save costs on regular repaints and bring up the overall aesthetic of your establishment.

  • Borders

You may also want some landscaping done around the outskirts of your car park. This will not only help define your territory, but also improve the overall design.

  • Drainage

Drainage should be factored into a car park design as standard. Lots of rain can quickly build up surface water, which is not great for visitors using your car park.

Installing gutters, drains, or even using the right surfacing material can all help to ensure your car park doesn’t fall victim to the Great British weather.

  • Lighting

Lighting is essential for keeping pedestrians and drivers safe when using your car park in the evenings or during the darker winter months.

To make all of this happen you need to choose a car park surfacing contractor.

A&MT Contractors are on hand to help thanks to our expert car park surfacing contractors. We’ll visit your site and work closely with you to create a car park that you can be proud of. We’ve worked with top commercial clients across the country, including big chain supermarkets, Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

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