How to Keep Your Patio Looking Clean And Fresh All Year Round

The great thing about resin bound patios is that they are fairly easy to maintain and will last decades if looked after properly. Throughout the seasons they tend to accumulate all sorts of dirt and oils and so it is important to know how to remove these effectively without harming the surface itself.

In this article, we have listed a few ways in which you can maintain the integrity and appearance of your patio throughout the year with little-to-no effort:

  • Regularly sweep the surface – leaves and soil may build up over time and so regular sweeping with a stiff brush will keep your patio looking fresh and tidy.
  • Keep any oil, petrol or chemical solvents away – these types of chemicals can soften your resin patio, reducing its durability and damage the resin binder. If you happen to spill any of these, wash your patio straight away with lots of water, if the resin remains solid then all is good!
  • Remove stubborn stains with a pressure washer – a regular jet wash (under 150bar) used with cold water should remove any stubborn stains. Please note: pressurised water to a certain point can end up damaging your resin patio and so remain mindful when cleaning).
  • Remove any ice with white rock salt – rock salt will thaw the surface quickly and effectively. Do not use any type of road grit as this can clog the surface and break down the resin topping.

If you’re looking into resin bound surfacing in Peterborough and would like to know if this is something that would be a possible option for your property, contact us today. We can arrange a free site survey, offering expert and professional advice.