Is Resin Bound Surfacing Porous?

Considering a resin bound driveway, pathway or patio for your home but concerned about drainage? There’s no need to be, because resin bound surfacing is indeed porous, meaning water can pass through it and into the base layers beneath.

It’s important not to get resin bound and resin bond surfaces mixed up, however, as the latter isn’t permeable: water will sit on top of it when it rains, requiring additional drainage measures to be implemented.

Why is it important for a surface to be porous?

First of all, choosing a permeable surface will make your life easier as a homeowner. You won’t have to contend with standing water when the heavens open, so there’s no need to worry about stepping out of your front door straight into a deep puddle!

There’s a wider benefit to porous surfaces, too. They benefit the environment, as they aid in the flow of water from built-up areas into nearby rivers and the water table. This means we’re able to harness as much rainfall as possible, aiding the natural water cycle and improving the sustainability of our towns and cities. Porous surfaces really are a win-win.

Installed with drainage in mind

We’re experts in drainage here at A&MT Contractors, and take care with every resin bound installation to ensure we maximise porosity. After we’ve excavated and compacted the ground beneath your new surface, establishing a solid base layer, we then apply a membrane to prevent contamination between the sub-base layer and the soil.

We use a reduced amount of fines to aid drainage, allowing water to pass through it with ease – just like the final surface we place on top. We ensure that rainwater is easily able to drain from every surface we put down, from driveways to pathways and patios.

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