How to Clean Resin Bound Surfaces

So, you know all about the benefits of resin bound driveways and you’re keen to add one to your own property. But how can you keep it looking its best for years to come? Let’s take a look at some top resin bound cleaning tips to help you protect your investment.

Our top cleaning tips

Before we get started, it’s worth mentioning that resin bound surfaces are extremely easy to maintain. They don’t require constant cleaning or weeding in order to look good, which is partly why so many people choose them over the likes of gravel and block paving.

Even though you won’t need to clean your driveway often for it to last for many years, if you want it to look its best, here are some tips:

  • If your drive is covered in leaves and loose dirt, simply sweep it with a stiff bristle broom. This will not only keep it tidy, but reduce the need for you to carry out a deeper clean as the months roll by; prevention is always better than cure!
  • Time for a more thorough clean to return your driveway to its former glory? Feel free to wheel out the pressure washer and go to town – just make sure you use a flat spraying nozzle for the best results. We’d always recommend sweeping it first, as you’ll make much less mess when you’re pressure washing.
  • Don’t have a pressure washer? A good sweep in combination with the garden hose can work almost as well, provided you’re thorough and take your time.
  • If you spill any oil, fuel or other chemicals on the driveway, clean the fluid up as soon as possible with soap and water. Chewing gum can be removed easily enough too with the use of a freeze spray.

Generally speaking, all you’ll need to do to maintain your resin bound driveway is sweep it and occasionally clean it with a hose or pressure washer – it really is that simple. Just make sure you keep corrosive substances like brake fluid off the surface, and remove them as swiftly as possible if they do come into contact with it.

Resin bound surfacing experts

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