What Playground Markings Can We Add?

In this quick guide, we’re looking at the different types of playground markings we can add to help make your premises more presentable and fun.

Sports markings

Perhaps you have a designated netball or tennis court? We can provide the line markings to ensure your students have access to a professional sports curriculum. If you’re looking to get your school involved in competitive sports, making sure you have sufficient line markings is important. Our team uses preformed thermoplastic to create highly durable markings for a wealth of recreational and competitive sports games.

Fun activities

For younger children, we can also add a range of fun activities, such as a chess board, snakes and ladders game, maze, hopscotch and loads more. In fact, when it comes to adding educational or interactive games onto your playground surface the options are endless. You can opt for just about any colour of the rainbow too, meaning you can make your playground look that little bit brighter.

Educational activities

If you want to encourage your pupils to spend more time outside, one option could be to take some of your lessons outdoors. The playground doesn’t just have to be for PE lessons. With numerical and letter-based playground markings, you could easily make your maths and English lessons a little more interactive. From competitive spelling tests to practising times tables, the sky’s the limit.


If you want to make pathways that are clearer and better defined, we can add bright lines with pedestrian markings to help students, teachers and visitors alike find their way safely around your play areas.

Speak to A&MT about playground markings

At A&MT, we use commercial-grade paint to ensure the markings not only look fantastic, but are designed to last. Speak to our team today to discuss your requirements and arrange a free site visit. We also complete playground surfacing, meaning we can provide a turnkey solution for your school, college or nursery.