What to consider when choosing a car park surface

When it comes to picking the surface for your new car park, you certainly won’t be short of options. There are a multitude of different materials available for you to choose from nowadays, ranging from familiar favourites like gravel and tarmac to newer, up and coming materials like resin bound.

The reality is that all of these surfaces have their own pros and cons; none of them are perfect, and all of them have their place. Really, it’s not about choosing which surface is the best, because there is no ‘best’. What suits one business won’t work for another – so your mission is to identify which surface is more appropriate for your needs and preferences.

In order to help you do that, we’ve put together a list of key considerations to keep in mind.


An obvious one, but an important one nonetheless. How much do you realistically have to spend on your new surface? Don’t forget to take into account line marking, kerbing and other accessories you may need – this can affect the end cost significantly.

Maintenance requirements

Do you have the time or money to be tending to your car park regularly, or would you prefer a more hassle-free, low maintenance option? Cheaper surfaces like gravel tend to require more frequent maintenance, which is a trade off that you’ll have to think about: would you rather save money on the installation, or save hassle later on? Surfaces like resin bound need next to no maintenance and can last for more than two decades, for example.


How long are you expecting your car park to last for? If you only need it temporarily, durability won’t be much of a concern – but if you’re making a long-term investment in the frontage of your business, you might want to opt for a surface that’s built to last.

Ease of installation

Need your car park project completing in record time? Don’t forget to factor this into your decision. For instance, if you need an overflow car park constructing urgently, a surface like gravel may be better, as it can be installed extremely quickly.


Looks matter – especially if your car park will be situated right in front of headquarters. Leaving a positive impression on visitors is important, so don’t base your decision entirely on facts and figures.


If you choose a permeable surface like resin bound, you won’t just be benefiting the environment – you won’t have to invest in a complex drainage system to keep standing water off your car park.

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