Why Are Groundworks Important In Construction?

road surfacing

Whether you’re constructing a car park or a building, it’s important for the ground beneath to be sufficiently prepared. Often, groundworks and foundations need to be able to support the weight of heavy traffic or building materials.

Groundworks refers to work done to prepare sub-surfaces for the start of a construction project. There are many layers to construction work and groundworks are often the first stage in the process.

Whether you’re laying the foundations for car park surfacing, yards, driveways or school playground, all of these will involve groundworks. Preparing a high-quality sub-surface is important, and we’re going to explain the process in this blog.

A brief explanation of the groundworks process

Essentially groundworks encompasses the initial excavations prior to laying the foundation. Groundworks are usually the first element of a construction project and may include work on foundations, trenching, reinstatement, substructure, drainage and landscaping.

If you need pothole repair contractors, driveway surfacing or car park surfacing, the ground beneath the surface needs to be specially prepared.

When constructing a surface, we start by excavating, clearing and compacting the base. We then apply a membrane which is vital to prevent contamination between the soil and the sub-base. It works as a secure barrier between the natural earth and the start of the constructed surface. Once the sub-base has been well-compacted, we begin work on the base course and surfacing.

What is an effective groundworks package?

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