The Benefits of Resin Bound Surfaces You Should Know About

resin bound surfaces

When it comes to choosing a surface for your driveway, you want to get it right. It’s not just about having the right aesthetic and structural strength, it’s also about potentially bumping up the overall value of your property.

Formulated with a mixture of clear resin and natural aggregate stone this material creates a smooth, compacted gravel finish that should look flat and seamless once completed.
From companies to private homes, resin bound surfaces are the driveway of choice for many properties across the UK and are increasingly favoured by landscapers and architects. Why?

In this article, we’re exploring some of the top benefits of resin bound surfacing that could be the key to explaining its growing popularity.

Benefits of resin bound driveways

It’s versatile

With a large range of colours and mixtures available, resin bound aggregates are a versatile surfacing option for your driveway. You can personalise to meet your particular design tastes and have the facade to your home that you’ve been dreaming about.

Resistant to adverse weather conditions

Resin is resistant to both hot and cold weather conditions.

This means you won’t have to worry about your surface softening in the summer or freezing and cracking in the winter.

No matter how bright the sun shines in the summer, resin bound surfaces are designed to maintain their colour and not fade over time.

It’s permeable and SuDS compliant

Being permeable, resin bound driveways are practically built with the Great British weather in mind. In other words, this surfacing material efficiently drains rainwater. A key benefit of this is that it means your driveway is SuDS compliant so you won’t need to worry about the hassle of acquiring planning permission.

It’s built for the long-haul

A long-lasting, durable surface, resin-bound paving is built to last and should look great for years to come. Its durable nature not only makes this driveway material a practical choice, but also a sustainable one.

Makes your property more attractive (and sellable)

It’s all about first impressions. Not only is the front of your house the first thing that potential buyers will see when researching the property market, it’s also the first thing they’ll see when they arrange a viewing. Having a smart and clean driveway could make your property look more attractive and therefore more sellable.

If applied professionally, resin bound driveways should be perfectly smooth and flat for a seamless finish that will be the envy of all your neighbours.

It’s low maintenance

As if all the points already listed weren’t enough, resin bound surfaces are also pretty low maintenance. Not only are they easy to clean, they’re also resistant to unsightly cracks and weeds. This means you won’t have to dedicate any precious time to removing weeds or arranging a resurface.

As you can see, there are a number of structural and aesthetic benefits to choosing resin bound aggregates for your driveway.

If you’re sold on the idea of having a resin bound driveway, why not discuss the possibility of having one installed on your property? A&MT Contractors are a family-run business that can work to your design needs. Contact our resin bound surfacing team today to arrange a free site survey or learn more about our resin bound surfaces.