Car park design recommendations that shouldn’t be overlooked

There are a number of key elements to consider when planning and building a car park. What’s the best surface material for car parks? How can you avoid drainage issues? How do you mark out car park spaces? Whatever reason you’re considering improving your car park, don’t overlook the following design recommendations.

Choosing the best surface for your car park

Every car park is unique in its configuration, capacity, and purpose. That’s why you should choose a car park surface that best reflects what you want your space to be used for.

Gravel surfacing

Gravel is one of the most affordable car park surfaces. It’s cheap and quick to lay, and looks good on the eye – especially if you want it to blend in with the surrounding environment.

One of the drawbacks of gravel car parks is that they require maintenance to keep them looking their best. They’re also not weed-resistant and after a while, you’ll likely need to get the gravel relayed if you’ve got a particularly busy site.

Concrete surfacing

For a car park surface that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep, look no further than concrete; as car park surfaces go, it’s extremely hard wearing and can last for a long time. Concrete surfacing can also withstand both hot and cold temperatures, and can be easily line-marked to create designated pedestrian zones and individual parking bays.

Disadvantages of concrete surfacing include higher expense, longer setting time, and an impermeable quality which can pose a problem for drainage.

Resin bound surfacing

Versatility-wise, you don’t get much better than resin bound surfacing. This surface is both highly durable and aesthetically pleasing; the wide range of colours creates an exceptionally smooth car park surface that can either be sympathetic to the surrounding environment – or colourful and unique.

Negatives of this surfacing usually centre around a costly laying job and damage repair process, and elevated upkeep when it comes to maintaining resin bound spaces.

Asphalt surfacing

Asphalt surfacing is a reliable choice for high-traffic areas or car parks frequented by heavyweight vehicles. It contains fewer external materials than tarmac so is even more durable, and is well-known for its long lifespan and durability. Any good asphalt contractor will also tell you it’s very resistant to weeds.

A big drawback of asphalt surfacing is its tendency to soften in extreme heat – sometimes even causing it to shrink.

Tarmac surfacing

There are a few reasons tarmac is a popular surfacing material for car parks. It’s got the durability and long-lasting nature of asphalt, but is less likely to crack in larger open areas. Tarmac surfacing contractors can also supply the material in a few different colours so it’s a great choice if you’re tying your car park into a particular theme. That being said, tarmac does require some occasional maintenance here and there – weeds usually find their way through the tarmac surface of car parks – but generally, it’s a pretty low-stress option when designing your car park space.

Other car park design recommendations

There are also some other important design elements to consider when planning and building a car park.

Avoiding drainage issues

Having a good drainage system is essential for making sure your car park doesn’t get waterlogged and withstands the test of time – and the test of the British weather. As specialist drainage designers, A&MT Surfacing Contractors can install or repair all forms of gully drainage systems. We’ll also make sure your new car park surface is totally level when we lay it, so you can avoid further issues with drainage from uneven groundwork.

Creating bay markings

Marking car park lines is one of the most important parts of planning your space, however, there is a certain technique to maximising your capacity for parking spaces while still adhering to the latest safety standards – at A&MT Surfacing Contractors, we know just what to do. Our team knows the ins and outs of car park line marking and will work with you to establish your unique requirements and offer our most trusted professional advice. We can also remove and refresh old line marking paint if your space looks like it needs a little bit of TLC.

Why Choose A&MT?

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