How to choose the right contractor for your car park surfacing

Choosing the right contractor and company for car park surfacing work is just as important as choosing which car park surface you want them to lay. A bad contractor can lead to a subpar surfacing job and more expenses – not to mention a big waste of time and energy on both ends. There are a few questions you can ask to determine if a contractor is right for your car park surfacing project, which we’ve outlined below.

How many years of experience does the contractor have?

The more experience a company has, the more polished the results will be. A contractor that has been in business for years, like A&MT Contractors who have delivered high-quality surfacing and resurfacing for over half a century, will have had the chance to learn and acquire the best practices in the business – so you can benefit from all the tricks of the trade.

Does the contractor employ the right process?

It’s important to look for a contractor that’s known for handling projects professionally. This could mean not giving you a quotation without visiting the site, walking you through the process of what’s going to happen before commencing work, and of course, not going beyond the committed time frame. During the project, they should also clean as they go and take care not to damage anything surrounding the project site.

Do they understand the different car park surfaces?

Different car park surfaces have different demands when it comes to installation and maintenance. The right contractor will be able to explain which surfaces require more attention, and which can be left without too much upkeep. They’ll also be able to recommend the best car park surface for your site depending on the size of your site, and your traffic and footfall.

Do they advise on drainage issues?

Standing water can damage your car park surface in the long run and pose a hazard for pedestrians. Choosing a car park surfacing contractor that addresses any drainage issues like checking for blockages, or installing or repairing a gully drainage system will help your car park to stand the test of time – and any classic British downpours.

Do they offer repairs on cracks or forming potholes?

A good contractor will pick up on any cracks forming or potholes beginning to develop on the surface of your car park. Potholes can cause havoc with vehicles, so getting any necessary pothole repair for the space is essential to prevent damage. The right contractor will point you in the right direction and respond to pothole enquiries promptly.

Will their car park line marking maximise your capacity?

Line marking can be a tricky job, but not for an experienced contractor. You know you’re in good hands if they take the time to advise you on how you can use line marking to maximise your capacity for parking spaces, all while adhering to the latest safety standards. They should also help you repaint any existing markings that have faded over time.

Searching for the right contractor for your car park surfacing project? A&MT are here to help.

If you’re looking for a contractor that ticks all the boxes above, look no further than A&MT. Our experienced car park surfacing contractors can take care of everything from recommending surface materials, advising on drainage systems, effectively painting line markings, and of course, resurfacing your space. Get your free, no-obligation quote today.