How To Stop Your Car Park From Flooding

Flooding is bad news wherever it happens, but when it occurs in a car park full of customers’, clients’ or employees’ vehicles, it can leave a particularly bad impression. We’re not blessed with year-round sunshine here in Britain, so taking a few precautions before, during and after the construction of your car park will pay off in the long run.

In this quick guide, we’re outlining some of those all-important measures.

Install adequate drainage

If you’ve opted for a non-permeable surface like tarmac or asphalt, you’ll need to provide adequate provision for drainage to prevent your car park from becoming waterlogged. It’s a good idea to seek out experienced drainage contractors who can supply and install every component you need – not to mention offer advice to help you monitor and maintain it.

From interceptors and ducting to French drains, drainage channels and gully pots, designing an effective drainage system isn’t as straightforward as you might think – but it can make all the difference when the heavens open.

Choose permeable car park surfacing

If you want a lower-maintenance, super-straightforward option, we’d recommend choosing a permeable surface from the get go. A Resin bound solution is a great choice. Not only does it allow rainwater to pass through, helping keep puddles to a minimum, it’s durable, long-lasting and attractive to look at.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more and more businesses choose this material. As an added bonus, resin bound surfaces are available in a wide range of colours, from natural, rustic shades to ultra-contemporary ones. This makes it easy to find a match for your building’s colour scheme, creating a great first impression for visitors.

Keep up with maintenance

Even when you’ve had a drainage system installed, you can’t leave it to its own devices forever. Drains can get blocked or components can fail, leading to water overflowing and causing you a major headache. Regularly checking up on your drainage system can save you a great deal of hassle. If you spot any issues, get in touch with us and we can sort them.

Speak to the experts

If you’re not sure exactly what your car park needs or how to deal with your current drainage issue, speak to our car park surfacing experts today. Having completed work for the likes of Sainsbury’s and McDonald’s, we have the expertise to construct, maintain and repair your car park’s surface and drainage system – and there’s no job too big or small for our team. Contact us today for a quote or to arrange a site visit.